Day 0.25

Academic operating system

How can I assist my low-SES Ss to succeed in school? Eric Jensen (@EricJensenBrain) suggests the following skills form the foundation and give the ability to counteract the negative effects of poverty.
1. Can defer gratification and strive to meet long-term goals
2. Auditory, visual, tactile processing skills
3. Attention skills (can engage, focus, disengage)
4. Short-term memory (and working) capacity
5. Know the order of a process (sequencing)
6. Confidence

The real question: How do I, as an educator, help train/improve their brain operating system?

To be continued…


Day 0.1

I really want to start a 180 blog that will feature a classroom picture for each and every day of instruction.

My goals for the blog include: (1) taking a picture each day, (2) establishing a set routine to take a photo each day, and (3) focusing on a specific detail for the day rather than summarizing.

Take a picture each day
This could be something that happened in class, a picture of student work, or an online image.

Have a routine
Ask students to remind me and get involved, set an alarm and carry my iPhone at all times, and encourage students to take/share photos.

What to write about
I could share an instructional strategy, a learning or social event, an outcome, something interesting, something successful (or not), a reflection, or something that I learned.